Understanding the Research Project and Identifying Different Types of Sources

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Homework 1: Understanding the Research Project 

What is the goal of an academic research paper?

Describe the differences in the example Paragraph 1 and Paragraph 2 on p. 359.

What is the purpose of a summary, paraphrase, and quotation? Why use them in a research  paper?

What are some style tips for writing in APA format?


Homework 2: Identifying Different Types of Sources 

Post links to at least three sources that you’re planning to use in your essay. Explain what  type of source it is, and give a one or two sentence summary or overview.


Assignment 3: Understanding the Basics of Logic 

What’s the difference between deductive and inductive reasoning?

What’s the difference between sound and unsound arguments?


For this final essay it will be the same topic the Armenian and Azerbaijan conflict also you may use outside sources that might relate to your discussions.

Essay #3: Researched Essay Three Sources Due Date: ​Sunday, 11/8, at 11:55 p.m. First Draft Due Date​: Tuesday, 11/23, at 11:55 p.m. Final Draft Due Date: ​Monday, 12/7, at 11:55 p.m. Prompt Write an essay about an important or intriguing topic that interests you. You may write this in the form of either arguing a position, speculating about causes, or a proposing a solution (all of these forms will involve stating a thesis and defending it). Questions to help you write the essay:

  1. Picking the topic: What events, issues, or topics have interested you lately? What is an intriguing topic in your major? In the past, students have written about movies/comics/books/games, fashion, education, sports, health issues, animal issues, how to spend money/time, etc.
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What are the best and worst practices for online learning? Should the drinking age be lowered to 18? What does sustainable fashion design look like? etc. Above are examples of guiding research questions that would lead to intriguing essays. Pick a topic that interests you, and if you know something already about it that can really help!

  1. Look up sources on this topic. What are people currently saying about this

topic? What types of sources would be the most relevant for this topic?

  1. Are you more interested in arguing a position on this topic, exploring the causes behind a phenomenon, or proposing a solution or solutions in regard to this topic?
  2. Step outside the box. What criticisms could someone bring up about your position you are arguing, your proposed causes, or your proposed solutions?

Criteria you’ll be graded on A focused, well-defined issue, phenomenon, or problem

  • A few of paragraphs or so laying out the issue, phenomenon, or problem your paper focuses on
  • A thesis stating your position, preferred causes(s), or solution

A well-supported position or causal analysis with properly synthesized sources

  • Several paragraphs in which you argue to support your thesis’s assertions An understanding of and effective response to objections and/or alternative causes with properly synthesized sources

A paragraph/section of objections and/or alternative causes, in which you concede that others might justifiably find fault with your causes.

  • Anticipates and effectively responds to readers’ objections and/or alternative causes ● A “nevertheless” section, in which you respond to the objections(s) and/or alternative

causeswhile reaffirming your own position.

A clear, logical organization

  • Paragraphs and sections are properly laid out and have effective flow and logic ● Effective topic and “wrap up” sentences ● Transition words ● Appropriate use of headings, if applicable
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An engaging, mature writing style and proper APA formatting

  • Title page, References page, proper page header format, and in-text citations

Sources​: minimum of 5 Page length​: 8-10 main text (including title page, abstract, and References: 11-page document)

Note that an “A” paper is not only competent but insightful, persuasive, and sophisticated while responding to the materials at hand in a mature and thorough manner.

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