Understanding Process Measurement Variation

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For this assignment you will need to conduct an experiment, then create visuals that will be placed within a PowerPoint presentation to present your findings. Your presentation should be easy to read and have a consistent design theme throughout. For this experiment, you will need to identify 20 or more people who will simply measure the height of an entrance door that is at least 6 feet tall. Each person will measure the height of the door with a yardstick or meterstick and will silently report the measurement to you or to someone.

You will then tabulate the data and plot each measurement on a run or sequence chart. No deviation from the prescribed method is allowed. Then you may use the same or different group of 20 or more people and the same entrance door. This time the group should use the tape measure in any way they desire. Each person will once again silently report the measurement of the door. Tabulate and plot each data point.

The power point presentation should compare the accuracy and precision of the two methods using graphical and analytical methods. Develop a flow chart for each method, specifying the key problems. Develop the supplier, input, process steps, output, and customer (SIPOC) model to analyze the process of both methods.

This can also be done in the flow chart. Analyze the flow chart and SIPIOC model to identify opportunity for improvement. categorize whether the OFI are caused by special causes or common causes variations. Which method of measurement would you recommend? Why?


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