Underground mine wedge assessment

School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology

Masters of Engineering Technology (Stream here)

ENCOR 4010 – Project 1 Research Methodology

Research Proposal Report: Submission 1 for Draft (or 2 for Final)

Project Title Here



Student No:


Submission date:

The following subheadings MUST be featured in the report

  1. ProblemStatement(800 – 1200 words single spaced)


  1. Literature Review(1700 – 2500 words single spaced)

Theliterature review is a very important part of the proposal. Dedicate two or three weeks to this part. Reflect critically and comparatively on other authors work. Show where they agree and where they differ.  Follow the APA rules to create in text citations of used resources.


  1. Research Question (one paragraph)

State the question(s) you are trying to answer by conducting your research project.


  1. Scope of the Proposed Project (250 – 500 words)

Describe what you intend to achieve. What do we expect to see actually done so we do not hold you accountable for things you haven’t said you were going to do?


  1. Research Methodology (750 – 1000 words)

The procedures and steps you are going to follow to attain the project objectives.  How will data be collected? What mathematical and physical theories, models and techniques will be used for the project


  1. Scientific Theory on Which Methodology is Based(1500 – 2000 words)

Explain the theories and models that have been described in the methodology. You can refer to textbooks and lecture notes here!  Justify their use to show they are suitable for the purpose intended.


  1. Resources required for the project

The resources needed: software and computing, lab resources, etc.Comment on their availability:  Check with supervisors


  1. Project Schedule Until a Thesis is Submitted

Use a Gantt chart. The schedule should be for 24 weeks!


  1. List of References (at least 15 references – use APA)


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