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Unbroken Essay Assignment



After reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and watching the film Unbroken
directed by Angelina Jolie, you will choose three (3) specific instances from the text and
film that you either believe did or did not express the overall theme of the book. You
will have to cultivate your own theme for this text centered around one or more of the
following subjects: Faith, Honor, Freedom, Individuality.
“Must Haves”: Your essay MUST include the following elements to be considered for
full credit:
 Must be typed in 12pt. Times New Roman Font (submissions not meeting this
basic requirement will be returned without a score and marked as late upon their
 Double spaced
 MLA format
 Works Cited Page
 3-5 Pages
 Submitted to Classroom as a readable Document
 MLA heading
Points and Rubric: The essay will be worth 100 points and be graded on an A-F letter
scale as follows: 90-100 A, 80-89 B, 70-79 C, 60-69 D, 59 or below F.
Letter Grade Composition (writing skills
and format)
Argument and analysis
Includes all of the required
elements and executes
them properly without any
mistakes. Uses MLA
citation throughout and
does so properly.
Has a clear thesis and
logical relevant evidence.
Carries the same theme
throughout the entire
essay. Integrates quotes
well and deconstructs them
properly. Has an active
voice and employs
academic language.
Includes all of the required
elements but may not
employ them all properly.
Uses MLA citation
throughout and uses it
properly for the most part.
Has a clear thesis and
logical relevant evidence
for the most part. Integrates
quotes though may not
completely deconstruct.
Has a voice that may
waiver between active and
Includes most of the
required elements but does
not employ them all
properly. Uses MLA citation
for the most part but may or
may not employ it properly.
Has a thesis that may not
be completely clear.
Evidence may seem
misplaced or irrelevant to
the topic. May not have a
consistent communication
of theme. Maintains a
passive non-academicvoice.
Does not include most of
the required elements nor
employs the elements
included properly. Does not
include MLA citation or
does so sporadically or
Lacks a clear thesis or
relevant clear evidence to
communicate theme. May
neglect to tie analysis of
symbolism, irony, or
allegory to theme. Employs
a passive voice without
academic vernacular.
Includes only a few of the
required elements and/or
employs those elements
improperly. Includes MLA
citation unevenly (if at all)
Lacks a clear thesis and/or
relevant evidence. Is off
topic and without analysis
or direction. Employs a
passive voice including
nonacademic language
and/or inappropriate
Extensions, Late Work, and Partial Credit:
Extensions will not be given for this assignment.
Late work for partial credit may be accepted on a case by case basis. Students who
were not absent and do not have a valid excuse for turning the work in late will
drop one letter grade on the assignment for every day that the assignment is late.
Work will not be accepted after one week beyond the due date.
Questions or Requests for Help:
For questions regarding the assignment, students or parents may email Mrs. Opperman
at [email protected]

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