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Types of Goods(Typology)

It should also be no longer than one single-spaced page and reference only your course readings and lecture notes (essays that utilize outside sources will not receive any credit).

After proofreading and spell-checking your work, you should then upload that file to SafeAssignment using your last name as part of the file title

Where should stadiums be placed in the “Types of Goods” table (typology) that was discussed in class recently (i.e., are they public goods, toll goods, private goods, or CPRs)?

Be absolutely certain to use the relevant characteristics of this resource (rivalrousness, excludability, congestability) in thoroughly defending your answer. Why might proponents of public subsidies for stadium construction agree or disagree with your analysis?

Please don’t use any other outside source-you can look up information on Types of Goods(Typology) to see where stadiums should be place; but do not cite.

APA-one single spaced page. (No need title or references page)

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