Tribal Leadership

Your group presented and has now discussed the IEW project.

1) Based on your experience with developing and presenting this project, what is the most important information you learned about leadership?

2) What did you learn from this experience that will be valuable for you in your role as a leader?

3. Where and how did your group meet for this discussion? List the members of your group who were present at this discussion meeting.

4) In your discussions, your ranked your group from 1-5 based on the Tribe clip. What was the decision of the group about where your group ranks in the Tribe? How do you rank YOURSELF on that same scale? How do you rank each of the members in your group and why (be specific – list the name, rank, and your reasons)?

5) What needs/needed to be done/what steps needed to be taken to move your Tribe to the next level (this must meet the four criteria) This means from an individual and a leadership perspective.

6) Link and discuss the results (what needs/needed to be done in our group) to the information in the Leadership chapter powerpoint and to the Transdiciplinarity article.

7) How could this process to helpful for you as a leader in future groups you will be leading or in which you will be participating?

8) What did you learn from the Tribes and Plans approach that could be helpful for you in a current/future leadership position?

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