Training sessions on developing the Negotiation Planning Strategy

This week, you will continue the training sessions on developing the Negotiation Planning Strategy. Specifically, you will identify and discuss the use of power and leverage in the negotiation process. In addition, you will discuss the alternatives to achieving an acceptable agreement in negotiations.

Click here to download the Negotiation Strategy Planning Template. Use this template to complete this portion of the assignment.

Write a discussion of 800–1,200 words about the following topics:

  • Sources of power (400–600 words) (What leverage or power can people apply to achieve their goals?)
    • Power and influence
      • Define power and influence in the negotiation process.
      • Describe at least 2 sources of power and influence in negotiations.
  • Walk-away alternative (400–600 words)
    • Best alternative to negotiated agreement (BATNA)
      • Discuss options and alternatives to agreements.
      • Discuss 2–3 tough or hardball negotiation tactics.

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Last Updated on February 11, 2019