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Toy Car Building in class Live Case Study

Homework 1 – Out of 70 points

For each answer to a problem, provide a 1-2 sentence explanation of the results.All Work must be in EXCEL.  Individual work is expected from each student.

  1. Using the Live Case Study (Toy Car Building in class) data from class supported EXCEL spreadsheets; did the productivity improve, remain the same or decline and by how much (i.e. show your work from the class spreadsheets)? Which method of production proved to be superior?  In addition, what factors affect productivity and which one is most important and why? (10 points)


  1. What are the constraints of scheduling? Use the assignment method to determine the best way to assign workers to jobs, given the following cost information.  Computer the total cost for your assignment plan. (10 points)



  1. What is flow system scheduling? The following table contains information concerning four jobs that are awaiting processing at a work center. (10 points)



Sequence the jobs using (1) FCFS, (2) SPT, and (3) CR.


  1. What are the loading approaches? A wholesale grocery distribution center uses a two-step process to fill orders.  Tomorrow’s work will consist of filling the seven order shown.  Determine a job sequence that will minimize the time required to fill the orders. (10 points)




  1. A shop works a 400-minute day. The manager of the shop wants an output of 250 units per day for the assembly line that has the elemental tasks shown in the table.  Do the following: (1) Define cycle time and line balancing; (b) Construct a precedence diagram; and (c) Assign tasks in such a way as to minimize idle time.(15 points)




  1. First, define standard time and stopwatch study. Using the Live Case Study (in class toy car building) data from class and class supported EXCEL spreadsheets, what are the observed, normal and standard times for two different production methodsbased on overall time? Do forget that you will need to supply explanations and numbers for the performance rating and allowance factor.For the normal times, you should think about using the time study information from the first two runs under the first method and the second two runs under the second method in determining normal times for each method.  You should identify which two methods you are choosing..  Please refer to the table below on allowance factors: (15points)



Build 1
Run 1
Actual TimesPurpleMed BlueLight BlueRedOrangeGreen

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