Topics Writing

Action items

After reading and screening all required materials and reading all the topic pages, answer these questions in a single blog post:

Topic 2

  1. If you were in government, what sorts of regulations would you impose on television and why? Consider regulations regarding content, access, and ownership, (please provide a response in the Blackboard blog). Please refer to the following table: Desired and Feared Outcomes of Regulation

Topic 3

  1. What qualities and characteristics did amateurs tend to possess (at least in the ways they were promoted to the public)?

Topic 4

  1. Why is universal service important? Should the fairness doctrine have been repealed? What impact do you believe the repeal may have had on journalistic practices? How might network ownership of prime-time programming negatively impact content options? Why do you believe PTAR failed to contribute to increased local productions? Why should there be concern about loosening ownership restrictions for media corporations?

Topic 5

  1. Is TV just another appliance? How would you regulate the toaster industry? Would you apply the same standards to TV?


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