Top Trends in the Internal Auditing Industry

You will develop a paper that accomplishes two objectives:
• It will identify the three top trends in your industry (Governmental Internal Auditing) and your rationale, based on the resources you have found, for your choices;
• It will discuss the issue within one of the trends that you deem important, based on the current state of the industry, and will be supported by your analysis of facts and a well-reasoned conclusion of what it means to the industry.
Start with an outline and flesh out the main themes with supporting statements. This will become your roadmap to an organized paper.
Your paper will be 5-7 pages, not including your cover page and References page(s), double-spaced and set up in APA standards. It does not require an abstract.
Your citations, both “in text” and in References will be in accordance with the APA Style Manual Sixth Edition .
Your headings will follow this general pattern:
I. Introduction
II. Findings
A. Top Trends of the _____ Industry
B. An Important Emerging Issue in a trend and what it means in context to the industry
III. Conclusions
IV. References

Last Updated on January 19, 2018