Through Line

Everything the Main Character does and represents that primarily relates to him alone, as opposed to specific relationships he has with other characters, can be said to be part of the Main Character Through line.

There are four different perspectives in the structure of any story represented by the combination of each of the four Classes with each of the four Through lines: the Overall Story Through line, the Relationship Story Through line, the Impact Character Through line, and the Main Character Through line. The Main Character Through line describes in the broadest single term what the Main Character represents and the area in which the Main Character operates within the story.



   Super Objective Film Assignment.

Of the 7 Techniques, you came across the Through Line for a character. This assignment is to elaborate on this further


  • Your first task is to watch a film (anyone movie you want, Do Not Use TV Shows!).


  • Pick any Character from that film.


  • Find out what that Characters Through-Line is.  What is this characters main goal?


  • Write 300 words discussing this characters super objective or goal.


What is the goal?

How does the character attempt to achieve it?

What obstacles get in the way of that character achieving their goal?

At the end of the film, does that character achieve their goal?

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