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Thesis and final paper

These are the prompts that you will use to develop your thesis and final paper:


  • Discuss some areas that can present obstacles in people’s lives. (examples)
  • What are some areas in life in which the choices people make shape their future? (examples/causes)
  • What effects/consequences can come of the choices people make in their lives? (effects)
  • What are some of the influences that play a part in people’s lives? (examples)
  •  What are some ways people overcome adversity? (examples)
  • What are some of the obstacles that people face when pursuing an education?
  • How does education impact the development of people’s identity? (effects)



Topics that are Cause/Effect will require reviewing the format for that kind of essay.   Identify at least three causes for the one effect.


Prewriting Process for the Essay



  1. Type Prompt Here:




  1. Brainstorm 4-6 ideas on your prompt. Using numbers, rank the top three ideas in order from least to greatest:











  1. Now, create your Thesis Statement:






  1. Format your three topic sentences:













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