The use of " spice' Synthetic drugs

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The use of ” spice’ Synthetic drugs
To prepare:
• Review Chapter 3 of Milstead, J. A. (2016). Health policy and politics: A nurse’s guide (5th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.
• In the first assignment, you reflected on whether the policy you would like to promote could best be achieved through the development of new legislation, or a change in an existing law or regulation. Refine as necessary using any feedback from your first paper.
• Contemplate how existing laws or regulations may affect how you proceed in advocating for your proposed policy.
• Consider how you could influence legislators or other policymakers to enact the policy you propose.
• Think about the obstacles of the legislative process that may prevent your proposed policy from being implemented as intended.

To complete:
Part Two will have approximately 3–4 pages of content plus a title page and references. Part Two will address the following:
• Explain whether your proposed policy could be enacted through a modification of existing law or regulation or the creation of new legislation/regulation.
• Explain how existing laws or regulations could affect your advocacy efforts. Be sure to cite and reference the laws and regulations using primary sources.
• Provide an analysis of the methods you could use to influence legislators or other policymakers to support your policy. In particular, explain how you would use the “three legs” of lobbying in your advocacy efforts.
o Summarize obstacles that could arise in the legislative process and how to overcome these hurdles.




My topic SYNTHETIC DRUGS: The use of “spice “ on the rise at Hagerstown, MD
Here few advocacy campaigns:

1–The billthat allows the Health Department to remove synthetic drugs from stores at the time they are found so that we can stop the sales of this dangerous product. It also decreases the burden of proof necessary by imposing civil in addition to criminal penalties for sellers.
2—A public health education campaign: We need community help to spread the message to Parents and teachers as well residents about synthetic drugs; they are no safer than any illicit drug and must be avoided.
3- Residents: If you see a business that is selling these drugs, please call 911 or Referral Line for any substance-use
4 —ER Doctors to report all patients that are using spice so that the health department .

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