The Things They Carried” Discussion Post

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Respond to the discussion post by posting the answers to the following questions, using your own thoughts as well as quotes from the story to support your answers. Your thoughts and opinions do NOT have to be the same as mine. My lecture is MY interpretation of this story and literature can be interpreted in numerous ways; challenge yourself to shape and share your own interpretations with this assignment. As long as you can support your answers with quotes from the story, your interpretation is accurate.

  1. What is the role of shame in the lives of these soldiers? Does it drive them to acts of heroism, or stupidity? Or both? What is the relationship between shame and courage? What role do you see shame having in your own life? Explain.
  2. How was Lavender killed? Was this Cross’s fault? Why does he take responsibility for it? That is, how does taking responsibility help him to cope with Lavender’s death? How does the emotion of guilt impact Lt. Cross? Name one personal experience that drastically changed you (for good or for bad). Are there any similarities between your experience and Lt. Cross’s character change?
  3. In this story, what point(s) is O’Brien making about the cost of war?


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