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The Salvation Experience in the Muslim Belief

The student will choose one topic from the provided list, do library research, and write a 1500 word paper discussing the tenets of the topic. APA writing style will be the chosen style for this paper. The paper must meet the following requirements:

– Cite four major sources

– Cite two journal articles

– Cover page (See attached)

– Bibliography

Topic List

The Action of a “Holy Spirit” in Religions other than Christianity

The Use of Water in the five major Religions

The Salvation Experience in the Muslim Belief

Zen – What it is, How to get it and How to keep it

The Relationship between Judaism and Buddhism

The Difference between Hinduism and Buddhism

Buddhism’s Influence in Today’s Society

The Use of Music in the Manipulation of Congregations

Cults – Dangerous Gatherings or Budding Religions?

When writing your paper, make sure that you follow these guidelines.

Recommended Content Outline:


Reason for Selection of this Topic

Application of Research (Main Body of Paper)

Application to Christian Principles

Application to your Personal Life (2 paragraphs)



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