The mother of All Questions

Please read the essay by Solnit called “the mother of all questions ” and answer the following three questions.
1. What does Solnit mean by “we are constantly given one -size- fits -all recipe ” on page 3 of the essay.
2. Solnit on end of page 3 says that “we are constantly given a single storyline about what makes a good life”. Think about your own life. What single

storyline are You given about what a good life should be for you. Who gives you storyline?
3. In your opinion what do you think is the single storyline that is told about people in the 20s right now. That is , what does society expect of them?

What about people in their 50s? What does society expect of them?
Your opinion will be fine. If you want to use additional sources you can do that. But the answers supposed to be based on the article “The mother of all

questions ” by Solnit.

The mother of All Questions

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