The Mortal Retribution ll Launch Event Project


For this assignment, your team will create a 2 – 3 page cost management document tailored to your chosen project.

Description of document content:
Description of estimating process. At minimum address the following items:
What estimating method or methods will you be using?
Why will you be using these methods? Provide a valid explanation as to why these methods were chosen over the alternatives.
Who will be responsible for creating the estimates?
Who will be responsible for reviewing and approving the estimates?
How will the estimates be aggregated?
How will you seek to account for padding and reserves in your estimates?
Statement regarding level of accuracy and units of measure and organizational procedures link (see PMBOK Guide page 148)
Current estimate of your chosen project
After completing Assignment W2A1 (MsProject), create a brief summary of the costs associated with the major deliverables of your project. Some of you will need to add material costs to the estimates, as MsProject will only include costs associated with labor resources at this point.

Project Scope Statement

Project Name: The Mortal Retribution ll Launch Event Project


1.0 Project Scope

Project Scope Includes:

In this section, we are including both the Project objectives and deliverables under the heading of Project Scope. Remember, the Project Objective is a short statement that seeks to answer the three following questions: What, When, and How much. Also, list primary project deliverables in this section.  These can include both final product/service outputs, such as tangible items, and also intermediate and project planning outputs, such as reports and documentation, but be sure to identify items in a LIST format. Try to list some major deliverables, but the list doesn’t have to be comprehensive in terms of details, but it should cover the major deliverables included in the scope of the project work.


1.0 Project Scope




The project is looking to deliver the planning, execution and post-event analysis for a launch event to present a firsthand look of the second version of Mortal Retribution video game to 2,300 attendees. The event will take place on March 23rd, 2019 in Boston MA. With a budget of $1,500,000.00.



-Launch Event

-Event Management Plan

-Cost and Schedule Management

-Event Design Plan

-Post-Event Analysis

-Site Plan Design

-Online Marketing Strategy

-Risk Management Plan



The Mortal Retribution II launch event project will consist of three phases: planning, execution, and post-event analysis.

Project deliverables:

  1. Phrase one: Planning
  • Event Management Plan
  • Security Control Plan
  • Event Design Plan
  • Cost Schedule Management Plan
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Site Design Plan
  1. Phrase two: Execution
  • Launch event of the new version of The Mortal Retribution
  • Venue Safety Control
  1. Phrase three: Post-Event Analysis
  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Documents of lessons learned and evaluation
  • Post-event survey

2.0 Project milestones

In this section, list a few key milestones for the project. Sometimes you would include dates, but at this point we are not going to. Simply list a few key points along the project that make sense to you now based on your chosen project. You can modify this later if you need to. Be sure to list milestones in bulleted or numbered format.


If you were building a house some key milestones might be as follows:

·       Contract acceptance

·       Foundation completed

·       Roof completed

·       Drywall completed

·       Etc.



2.0 Project Milestones



-Attendees’ feedback data collection

-Conclude lesson learned



-Baseline Presentation

-Signing Venue Contract

-First Media Announcement of the Launch Event

-Launch Event 03-23-19

-Post Event Evaluation Meeting with Stakeholders

-Project Closure




3.0 User acceptance criteria

Here you want to describe what the success criteria for the project is. For instance, is there an applicable standards code or building code or the like? Essentially, you want to briefly describe on what basis you and the client or user will determine whether or not your deliverables are acceptable. If there are technical requirements, you might list them here, as well. You do not need to be overly elaborate here. Simply provide a brief description.


For instance, if you are building a house, you might say something as simple as. House will be built according to the attached blueprints and construction specifications and will meet applicable local building code guidelines.


3.0 User Acceptance Criteria




The event will accommodate 2,300 guests (this number includes special guests and members of the company, the rest being for the general public) in the city of Boston Massachusetts on March 23, 2019.


The main objective of the launch event is that the attendees know the new product but also leave with a good experience that they remember and is relevant to them with the purpose of generating awareness of the product/brand and to attract the attention of the target audience.


The event staff will be aware of the attendees in all moment by involving them on the dynamics, the project will link the qualities of the new product with the activities that will be carried out during the event and, have an impeccable execution of the event.


In addition, the project will look to fostering the relations of the company’s managers with attendees and, the reinforcement of the corporate brand. As well as the collection of relevant information during the event




4.0 Project boundaries or exclusions

Here you would list what is excluded from the project that a user or client might otherwise assume would be included. For instance, if you are building a house, but not providing the landscaping service, you would want to clarify in this section that the proposed project does not include landscaping or appliances or whatever the case may be. Again, you don’t need to be elaborate. Simply list an item or two that you think might be reasonable based on the project you are proposing.



 4.0 Project Boundaries or exclusions




Electronics Arts Inc will receive an event design plan, execution of the event and post-event analysis for The Mortal Retribution 2 Launch Event, along with the data gathered from the event.


Electronics Arts Inc should provide a list with the number and names of the special guests and the company’s members that will be invited to the event. Also, provide the desired dynamics and products for the giveaway.


Within the budget of the project is considered to cover:

Venue Rent




Equipment Rental

Staff for the event

Hiring Hosts

Permits and licenses


Hiring of other services and suppliers

Influencers and brand ambassadors


The budget of the project does not include covering the work of sale or collection and delivery of tickets before and during the event. Does not cover previous direct product promotion and market research not related to the event.



5.0 Project constraints

In this section, you want to list the known constraints that will be placed upon the project team. For instance, is there a pre-determined budget, or is there a definite completion date or a milestone schedule? If there are contractual items that are commonly included in your project type, then you would include those types of items here. Simply list a few to let me know that you understand what type of items would go in this section.



5.0 Project Constraints


  1. Schedule: The project has an estimated duration of 10 weeks.





TIME: The launch event must be on March 23, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts.

COST: The project must not exceed the budget of $ 1,500,000.00 dollars

SCOPE: Accommodate 2,300 guests (special guests, members of the company and general public*)


*Attendees of the event must be 16 years old or older



The project duration no longer than 10 weeks.











Project Name: The Mortal Retribution ll Launch Event Project



1 Sponsor-EA Marketing Department Key High Ensure funding, monitor progress, provide formal acceptance of the deliverables
2 Andrew Wilson Key High CEO of Electronic Arts
3 Special Guests General Medium Special Guests from the Company
4 Company Members of AE Guest General Medium Part of them will support the event and part only as guests


5 General Public Key High Ages of 16 & up
6 Media Reporters General Medium Responsible for live broadcast of the launch event
7 Professional Players Key High Deliver game experience and provide suggestions
8 Host-Influencers Key High Presiding the launch event
9 Game Master Key High Manage the game system and provide learning templates
10 Safety Control Team General Low Emergency services, fire, ambulance, safety, and security.



      *List 10 stakeholders in your risk register. List a few of your staff members, as well as a few other stakeholder types (key and general).






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6.     Enter estimated durations for each activity created (keep resources in mind, but do not assign resources) PENDING
7.     If effort and duration differ, adjust the task type and effort to account for differences PENDING
8.     Create at least 12 activity notes that contain the following information 1) Estimating method used (bottom-up, top-down) 2) basis of estimate (past experience, SME, vendor quote) and 3) one or two reasons why actual duration may vary from estimated duration PENDING
9.     Add at least four milestones to your project (place milestones at key points throughout project: make milestones “red” to show where they are) PENDING
10.   Be sure to insert your last name in save name of project file and assignment week (for instance, Wan_Week1) PENDING
1.     Create a new MS Project File PENDING
2.     Enter brief description of the project objectives and deliverables in the Properties for your file and complete other properties as appropriate PENDING
3.     Break the scope of your project down into deliverables (WBS) and enter these in MS Project (use adj / noun format for deliverables) DONE
4.     Create an appropriate outline or code for the WBS and make sure it is visible in the Gantt Chart view DONE
5.     Break the deliverables down into work packages and enter them as sub-tasks under the deliverables DONE


1.1 1.0 Phase one: Planning P
1.1.1 Event Management Plan D Committee Plan WP
Define key objectives and measures A
Identify roles & asign A
Establish future committee meeting dates A
Meeting with stakeholders A Staff Plan WP
Define staff needed A
Hire Staff A
Confirm staff responsibilities A
Confirm event staff work hours for event A
Confirm committee responsibilities during the event A Cost Schedule Management Plan WP
Prepare preliminary budget A
Ensure insurance covers all event activities A
Review budget A
Present budget and have signed off A Program Schedule WP
Design event schedule A
Send schedule to vendors and performers A
Follow-up  with all vendors to ensure everything is fine Performers & Press Management WP
Follow-up  with performers & press to ensure everything is fine A
Confirm performers-travel, accommodation and meals A Informations Packs WP
Get informations packs A
Send Information packs to stakeholders, vendors & press A
Confirm that they have received packages A
1.1.2 Event Site Design Plan D Event General Site Design WP
Get needed data A
First Draft A
Make request changes A Stages WP
Confirm standard & technical requirements for stages A
Map power sources and wattage A
Map out final site plan A
Send site plan to all suppliers A Temporary Structures Plan WP
Gather infrastructure requests A
Book Infrastructure (temporary, furniture andsignage) A
Confirm all infrastructure A Audio Visual, Lights and Sound Plan WP
Gather media requests A
Book media (Audio visual, lights & sound) A
Confirm media booking A
1.1.3 Contracts D Venue WP
Visit Venue A
Request site plan and other details about the venue A
Sign contract A Entertainment WP
Research ideas for entertainers/ performers/ activities A
Quote options A
Discuss ideas for entertainers/performers/activities with committee A
Confirm with committee with performers (and check against budget) A
Review & sign contracts A Vendors  (Food, Beverages and stuff) WP
Research appropriate food stalls/vendors and update database A
Send information to potential food stalls/vendors A
Compile draft contracts and forms A
Confirm with committee with performers (and check against budget) A
Send contracts to all food vendors (outlining deadlines and confirming entitlements) A
Review & sign contracts A
1.1.4 Risk Management Plan D Risk Management Procedure WP
Risk Identification A
Risk Analysis A
Risk Response Planning A
Risk Monitorin, Controlling & Reporting A Risk Management Plan Approval WP
Send RMP to Steering Committee PMO A
Confirm Approval A
1.1.5 Security Control Plan D Crowd control issues WP
Crowd control measures A
Define restricted access areas A Security brief WP
Roles and responsibilities of staff A
Boston Police contact details for the event A
Procedures for confiscated or prohibited items A Emergency Management Plan WP
Equipment protection measures A
Potential issues that may arise A
Confirm evacuation plan A
1.2 2.    Phase two: Execution P
1.2.1 Pre-Launch Event D Event Setting WP
Confirm staff, vendors, press, infrastructure & media A
Handle setting-up logistics A
1.2.2 Launch Event D Event Registration WP
Review pre-registration plattaform A
Register Attenders A
Collect and send data A Event Management WP
Confirm staff in site A
Staf and team briefing A
Staf and team Debriefing A
Close event A
1.3 3.    Phase Three: Post-Event Analysis P
1.3.1 Post Event Assesment D Post-Assessment Analysis WP
Collect gathered data from event A
Analyse evaluation results A
Prepare final report A
1.3.2 Project Closure D Project Closure WP
Send thank you letters to performers, vendors & other collaborates A
Update budget A
Finalise accounts A
Sponsors meeting A
Lessons Learned A

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