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The Market and Your Decision to Go to College

The market for higher education is determining the key questions of what gets produced, how it is produced, how much is produced, and who gets how much.

Start your discussion by creating a response to these questions:

Why do you think that more and more students are going to college when, in fact, the price of a college education is increasing? (Be sure to use the models of supply and demand to explain your answer.)
In what ways have changes in the job market influenced your assessment of the value of an education? (Do you have more choices or options?)

Talk with your peers:

Reply to a classmate — was their reasoning similar to yours?

PEER POST: I think that more people are going to college to be able to have a better lifestyle although the cost is going up in order to have some of the carries out here such as nursing which we all know the big shortage, there is in the medical field. you have to have a college degree and pass state boards for this career and if you truly want to be a nurse no matter the cost of college you will go so that you can get the job you want.

the job market has influenced my value in education when I have been working in my field of customer service for over 15 years and although I have the experience they still want you to have that degree so if I ever plan to get the job I want I need to continue my education.

PEER 2 POST: I think more and more students are going to college even with the increases of tuition is because less and less of company’s are offering on the job training, They are seeking more qualified candidates. There is also a huge amount of competition among the job market. You have to be able to stand out. What makes you different then the average Joe walking in to fill out an application? If the company is going to pay a fair market value for the position they are hiring for they are not going to so hire someone with no background when they have an opportunity to hire someone with a degree.

The Job market has changed in so many ways. People now a days don’t rely soley on skills they also have a passion for what they do and a degree to back them up.

Everyone has more choices or options if you want a low paying job that does not require a degree.

Last Updated on February 11, 2019

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