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The Importance of Psychology in Corporate Communication

Write a critical essay on the question: Why is it important for theology students, communications students, OR business students to study psychology? Your paper should be at least FOUR pages long (1.5 spacing, 12pt font, Times New Roman), excluding references. You are required to use the relevant prescribed reading (available on the SMP) and at least ONE other academic source in your reference list.

Use the article on SMP as a reference for (a) main point(s) that you would make to show how psychology is important to your field of study. Also use at least one other academic journal to expound on/ add to the reason(s) why psychology is important.

Your page must include a cover page, a table of contents page and a reference page. Please insert page numbers on bottom right and justify the paragraphs. In terms of referencing, your reference list and in text citations of all your sources should be in APA format—for additional resources please refer the link below for a APA referencing guide. Do not use the Internet exclusively, consult the library for books and use academic databases to find peer-reviewed journal articles.  Your paper must be submitted to Turnitin before grading to be checked for plagiarism. Only use academic sources and be aware that

Link for APA referencing guide:


This essay will be assessed on 3 main criteria:

The first important criterion is your use of language. Make sure that you write in an academic register, and avoid the first person, spelling and grammar mistakes, and colloquial or conversational language. Make sure that all sources, including the article on SMP and information you use from your textbook or other literature, is properly referenced in APA style.

The second important criterion is how you structure your paper, including the headings and the content within each section. Try not to use bullet points or tables as these take up a lot of space, and you only have 4 pages in which to make your argument. Instead ensure that you break your evaluation up into appropriate sections, with descriptive headings, that ensure that your work is logically structures. At the most basic, you could have an introduction, body, and conclusion. But you really should try and ensure that you have more descriptive headings and that your discussion is structured in such a way as to support the readability of your essay, the impact of your argument, and ensure your paper looks professional.


The last, and possibly most important criterion, is the argument/points that you make in your essay. You should have a clear point, or thesis, that you are trying to develop in your paper. It is not simply a summary of the assigned article. Without a strong argument or purpose, it is difficult to write a good academic paper. You should introduce your argument/point in the introduction and it should guide your structuring and evaluation of the paper, and come through once again in the conclusion.

The Importance of Psychology in Corporate Communication



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Position and exceptions, if any, are clearly stated.  Organization of the argument is completely and clearly outlined and implemented.

4-5 pts

Position is clearly stated.  Organization of argument is clear in parts or only partially described and mostly implemented.

2-3 pts

Position is vague.  Organization of argument is missing, vague, or not consistently maintained.




0-1 pts








Three or more main points are well developed with supporting details.



10– 15 pts

Three or more main points are present but may lack detail and development in one or two.


5 – 9pts

Three or more main points, but all lack development. Refutation paragraph(s) missing and/or vague



0 – 4 pts









Conclusion is clearly stated and position are clear and relevant. The underlying logic is explicit.



4-5 pts

Conclusion is clearly stated and position are mostly clear, some aspects may not be connected or minor errors in logic are present.

2-3 pts

Conclusion may not be clear and underlying logic has major flaws; connection to position is not clear.


















Paper is coherently organized and the logic is easy to follow. There are no spelling or grammatical errors and terminology is clearly defined.  Writing is clear and concise and persuasive.




6-10 pts

Paper is generally well organized and most of the argument is easy to follow. There are only a few minor spelling or grammatical errors, or terms are not clearly defined.  Writing is mostly clear but may lack conciseness.

4-5 pts

Paper is poorly organized and difficult to read – does not flow logically from one part to another. There are several spelling and/or grammatical errors; technical terms may not be defined or are poorly defined. Writing lacks clarity and conciseness.




0-3 pts


Total:    /30



 The Importance of Psychology in Corporate Communication

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