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The Food as civil issues today and one hundred years ago


The Food as civil issues today and one hundred years ago
It is essay based on the book by Davidson, James and Lytle, Mark Eds. After the Fact: Art of Historical Detection, Volume 2 (Or II) New York: McGraw Hill, 2010. 6th Edition.
Can you create the better name for my essay.
Actually, the essay about the issue with food, food regulation, USDA, the monopoly and corruption today and one hundred years ago in this field. Cheap food, obesity, poor people, rich people. Poisoning by the food on the example of Stephanie Smith.
The additional sources you will use not supposed to be from or Please point out the page from additional sources in essay.
Read the Burger that Shattered Her life NYTIMES, Oct, 2009. and google: Huffingtonpostcom: Pink slime for School Lunch.
Read the chapter 9 from the book above: USDA Government Inspected: Read chapter 9.
Read some blogs about the incident with Stephanie Smith. In this story the young women, who nearly loses her life after consuming beef tainted with E.-coli, is rendered paralyzed, permanently disabled. Then, in another unrelated instance the US Government decided to purchase a meat product that is an amalgam of various parts of the cow, including tendons, along with high fat content, “washed” in ammonia.
Writing guide:
These questions suggest a persuasive response.
What is your reaction to the story of Stephanie Smith and to the US government’s decision to serve an amalgam, ammonia-washed meat product to children? Do you have any objection to how we provide food safety? Do you see the US USDA as agencies that, in spite of some unfortunate mishaps, are overall providing good and responsible service to US consumers? What things might you wish to improve or what changes would you institute? Do you take the position that government regulation should be increased or do you think that the government has little influence and effect on the current industry of the super-corporate, oligarchic food industry?
Argumentative Essay Outline:
1. Intro
a) hook
b) background information
c) thesis
2. Develop Your argument
Make a claim 1
I. Evidence 1a
II. Evidence 1b
III. Evidence 1c
a. Make a claim 2
I. Evidence 2a
II. Evidence 2b
III. Evidence 2c
b. Make a claim 3
I. Evidence 3a
II. Evidence 3b
III. Evidence 3c
3. Refuting Opponents’ Arguments
Opposing view 1
Refutation 1
a. Opposing view 2
Refutation 2
4. Conclusion
1) Restate the importance of your issue
2) Paint a picture of the world depicting what would happen if your argument is (or is not) implemented.
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