The essay

The essay length must be at least 600 words.
Must quote from the poem.
Must be sure to refer to at least one of the poetic tools- metaphor, simile, tone, denotation, connotation, irony, symbolism, etc.
Must refer to one of those tools in of the three middle paragraphs of the paper. When referring to one of those tools, be certain to explain how it is used in the poem to contribute to the poem’s overall meaning.
The introduction paragraph should contain the thesis. This thesis will make a claim; it will claim what you believe the poem is about or what the poem’s main point or purpose is.
The next three paragraphs should give examples from the poem itself to prove your thesis is right; each of these paragraphs should discuss one separate example.
The concluding paragraph should again make clear what you are trying to do with this essay, and it should do something to explain why understanding the poem or the point you are trying to make in the thesis is important.
Decide on a claim about the poem that you really do believe in, both emotionally and intellectually. Then support that claim with sufficient evidence from the text of the poem itself. Use the words, images, and ideas of the poem to help prove what you believe to be true.
This paper is a persuasive or argumentative paper. What you claim about the poem is your position, and you must defend that position. Convince the audience that you know what you are talking about.
Discuss what you believe. For this paper’s purpose only, do not become overly obsessed with what the teacher thinks or with the poet thought. However, do not become farfetched. The poem’s words must be able to support your claim.
For the introduction, you may want to begin with a board statement about life or about the poem’s meaning and then funnel inward toward a specific point– the thesis. For the conclusion, you may want to begin with a specific comment connected to the thesis and then funnel outward toward a general discussion of life again or the poem’s whole meaning.
You must make clear somewhere in the introduction the name of the poem that is being written about and the name of the poet who wrote the poem. However, do not make any announcements like “The poem I am writing about is…” Also, remember to put the name of the poem in quotation marks each time you mention it.
The title of this paper CANNOT be the title of the poem itself. The title of this paper needs to express the main idea of the paper, the main point the paper is trying to make.
Poem to use: Holy Sonnets:(14) Batter my heart, three-personed God by John Donne

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