The Drugs War

The Drugs War
Evidence from experts shows that the war on drugs must end. ?
The essay should be about " are you AGREE or DISAGREE with this sentences"
YOU WILL BE DISAGREE!! so you need to write down lots of reasons and explain why you DISAGREE !! There is a video I will e mail the link, you should watch it and get the view points and the reasons from the video.

You have a clear viewpoint /thesis statement declared in your introductory paragraph
Your paragraphs present a clear topic sentence and contain information supporting the reasoning in that paragraph (eg references/citations of sources)

You have presented a counter argument and refuted it (don?t make it a weak one)
You have a clearly stated conclusion that leaves your reader in no doubt as to your viewpoint and the convincing evidence you have presented to support it. Do not write less than 3 sentences in your conclusion?do not include new information not previously mentioned

REFERENCING ? on a separate piece of paper at the end of your essay
Harvard style (look at the Guide)
In-text citations
Spaced correctly and ordered alphabetically
You have referenced anything you have taken from a source even when you have paraphrased it
SOURCES (there is a sources you have to use)

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