The CIA World Fact Book and Excel

The CIA World Fact Book and Excel.

For this assignment you will be using the CIA World Fact Book and Excel. The web address for the World Fact Book is . You will select five countries to work with from differing continents, you may not use North America (Canada, U.S., Mexico) or those in the demonstration. You will compare these countries using the criteria below or any additional information you would like to select.

The purpose of this assignment is for your to become familiar with using data sets and generating tables and graphic representations of your selected data using Excel. You must use Excel for this project.

Select five countries and using the CIA World Fact Book determine the following (most of your information will be found under the people section). This is information you will add to an Excel table:

-The capital of the country
-Median Age
-Life expectancy rates (male and female)
-Age structure (male and female)
-Urban Population
-Total Fertility Rate
-Any data set you would like to experiment with

Using your data develop 8 charts and corresponding graphs in Excel that help visually demonstrate comparison of information. Write very brief conclusions after each graph.

this link contains a sample of what the final outcome should look like :
note :use Microsoft Excel

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