The Big Data Report

Reply To Each Of Following Sections Of The Big Data Report ( Half Page For Each Section)

Read the following sections of the Big Data report. Reply to each of the three questions posted in the forum. Be forewarned: the question regarding the construction of indices.

Pages 1-36
Pages 97-116
Pages 123-125
Every section should have half page only please check every example and do it as the example please .

Section 1

Techniques for Analyzing Big Data:

In the subject line, you can just list the techniques. (e.g., Neural Networks and Spatial Analysis). You need to find examples of the specific techniques discussed in the report.

Provide a brief synopsis for each technique that includes the organization and the purpose/results of the analysis. After your example(s), list the source information (for an article: include the title, date published, the author, and the publication. Case studies from company web sites are okay for this exercise as well. Include a hyperlink to the article or web page. (If your source was a hard-copy of a newspaper or magazine, see if you can find a link anyway.)

Section 2

Examples of Analytics in Healthcare:

Start your response with the title of the article, the date published, the author, and the publication. The title of the article should also be a hyperlink to the article. (If your source was a hard-copy of a newspaper or magazine, see if you can find a link anyway.)
You don’t have to summarize the entire article, just extract one or two interesting snippets of information to expand/explain your ‘headline’. Use your own words to summarize — do not copy and paste directly from an article (unless you want to also add a chart or other visualization.)

Section 3

Construction of Indices

(p. 123 – 125)
#1) Pick one of the criteria for one of the Indices and describe the methodology used, along with what the criteria was attempting to measure. Also, provide a response to the methodology used. For example, do you think this is a good index for what was being measured? Can you think of another way this could have been done, assuming the data was available? These indices were used to in the body of the report, so you could also go to those sections and comment on how they used/referred to this data in the body of the report.

#2) Write a paragraph of 2 or 3 sentences to provide a narrative interpretation of how two of the sectors fared in terms of the criterion you described above. Be sure to refer to the meaning of the result, not just the criteria. (For example, transactional intensity is used to determine the potential value of automated algorithms, one of the five transformative opportunities noted in the report. Therefore, an interpretation of this criterion could include the comment that the wholesale trade sector is one sector that should be able to derive value from big data through the use automated algorithms to replace human decision making.)
#3) Pick one of the industry sectors and provide a narrative description of that sector that draws from both heat maps.

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