Tesla discussion

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Task 1: After studying the content this week, please complete the Tesla discussion on page 514 in your book. You will consider if Tesla’s stock is overvalued.

Please answer all 3 questions thoroughly.

Remember to not post simply “I agree” and “good job” statements as your 2nd post should be more than 4 sentences at least.

Feel free to do research and post articles.

Please post at least twice in order to earn maximum credit.

You need to post first before you will see the posts of others.


Task 2: After studying Ch 14 and reading the “Build Your Skills” case on page 462 in your book, please compute the ratios asked for in the “task” area.

Please be thorough. Three paragraphs are required in order to earn maximum credit. Please ensure you explain what the different ratios mean and how the ratios of Western Grain compare to the industry ratios.


Last Updated on August 2, 2019