Terrorists’ problem

pick a specific location similar to the three locations listed such as (e.g., Washington
Monument Mall of America, New York Stock Exchange, Walt Disney World) and determine how you
would prepare a preparedness plan for an emergency that will be effective if an attack is brought
against that specific site that you select Please explain: why you selected this specific location why

it might be chosen by a terrorist organization as a high-value target address such issues as:

symbolic attack economic attack mass casualties, etc how and what data you would need to collect
what you would do with the data once collected what planning/preparation aspects would need to

be accomplished to be successful In this piece, you need to think from the point of view of a

government and private entity by placing yourself in the mind of a terrorist/extremist. either

domestic or international, and then back in the mindset of a government representative preparing

an emergency preparedness plan. This assignment will be something that will prepare you for your
requirement comprising the final assignment in this course. Remember that you must support your
assessment and positions with information from a text, web sites, and with journal article(s).

Remember that in graduate work journal articles are considered to be the best support for your

position when researching and writing. Make sure you search out the relevant journals containing
peer-reviewed articles pertaining to terrorism and terrorist activities.

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