Terrorism and Multinational Criminal Justice

Terrorism and Multinational Criminal Justice

Choose one of the questions below for your reaction paper. Follow the guidelines below.

The reaction papers should follow APA guidelines. You are required to cite any material that you use from the textbook. You are welcome to use outside sources, but be sure that you have properly cited them and include a reference page in addition to your paper (including online sources). You do not need an abstract, but please provide a title page. Grades will be based on your response to the topic, as well as formatting, spelling, grammar and punctuation. Reaction papers should be no less than 2 pages, double spaced, and in 12 point font.

(No plagiarism or cheat from anywhere)

1. Why is terrorism a law enforcement concern? How is terrorism a crime? What can the American criminal justice system do to better prepare for future terrorist crimes?

2. What are the benefits of studying criminal justice systems in other countries? What problems are inherent in such study?

3. What is the difference between human trafficking and human smuggling? Why is it difficult to distinguish between the two? Why is it important to distinguish between the two?

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