Term Project: Saudi Exports

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  1. Use the following sources of data and Information about Saudi Foreign trade and any other reliable databases of your choice:


https://www,stats gov.sa/en/node



  1. Concentrate on “Non-oil Exports” -Developments in Non-oil Exports -Non-oil Exports by Section -Non-oil Exports by Group of Countries -Re-exports -Top 10 Partner Countries for Non-oil Exports
  2. On an excel spread sheet, create a table and a graph for each category above for the last 10 years (2009-2019).

The requirements: A. What can you say about growth of the Saudi exports in general and non-oil exports as a percentage of total exports.

  1. From high to low, rank non-oil exports by section, value and by group of countries
  2. Elaborate the concept of “Re-exports.” Do you see future potentials for growth in this area? What products do you suggest?
  3. Is there any change in the ranking of main partner countries for non-oil exports? Tel me why if you know?
  4. If you are responsible to execute a plan of “promoting non-oil exports,” what combination of goods do you prefer to select? Explain why?

Saudi Vision 2030

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