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Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program

Develop a potential teen pregnancy prevention program 1)1) pick a specific population of youth (e.g., Latino, African American, White, high SES, low SEX). 2)Research the degree to which there is a teen pregnancy problem in that community. 3)Identify from research, the factors responsible for the increase/decrease in teen pregnancy within your population 4)Considering the increase or decrease, create four messages that either aim to reduce the increase in teen pregnancy or aim to maintain the low degree of teen pregnancy that already exists 5)Identify the delivery systems you might use to get your message out there. What is it, and how will it help to amplify the message? 6)What would a good outcome be if your program worked (over and above decreasing or keeping the teen pregnancy levels permanently low)? Think about changing the factors you identified in point 3 above.

Last Updated on January 19, 2018

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