Technologies and benefits of Environmentally Friendly Offices

Investigate the available technologies and benefits of Environmentally Friendly Offices

have presented a proposal of this project and i like the research to be based on the proposal. the requirement and the proposal are attached so please first read the proposal first and then based on the requirement start working on the project.

please focus on calculating the results of implementing and compare on the cost saving and environmental benefits. please remember that this research will be in United Arab Emirates which doesn’t have water fall or strong wind. so will focus on the solar energy as the climate is mostly sunny.

The growth of the industry has been rapidly increasing in the last few years in the UAE. Many factories have been built in order to meet the demand of the market and provide job opportunities for the people. As a result those factories require a huge amount of electrical energy to operate. Normally those factories have many offices that require lights, computers and Air conditions which all runs of electricity.

As a result the electricity suppliers are forced to increase their production by having more gas turbines and burn more fuel which as a result affect the environment. Facing this dilemma we have to find a green source of energy that can help to reduce the usage of the gas turbines without affecting the operations of the factories.
also please mention what the UAE has already implemented in term of green energy.

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