Team Dynamics

Identify a project from a current or previous workplace experience that requires team execution—a team that includes you as a participant. Identify the role(s) you would play on that team.

Incorporate MBTI theory and insights gained from class readings and discussions, and from your own experiences, to design a team strategy. Incorporate details on team creation, organization, the roles of each team member, dealing with conflict, team values, and the leadership functions needed to achieve successful project completion. Also, include information on your participation and contribution to the team process as a leader, manager, or follower.

Your paper should be 8-10 pages in length, follow the APA guidelines, and contain concepts from the reading materials and applications to reality-based scenarios. Incorporate at least four scholarly sources to support your ideas. Your paper should be original, thoughtful, and reflect your analysis of both course materials and personal experiences. an example to use sources from

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