Teaching plan on breastfeeding

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  1. Select an individualized learning need (see teaching plan topics) for a client/family during the Clinical Day: OB Simulation, and must be approved by the Instructor.
  2. Using a knowledge deficit NANDA nursing diagnosis, with a minimum of three objective and three subjective data, construct an individualized teaching plan.
  3. Create a learning outcome with measurable criteria from each of the learning domains: affective, cognitive, and psychomotor.
  1. Content must be detailed and supported by evidence-based sources. (Answer: Why are you providing this education to the client and how does it relate to the content provided?)
  1. Include in the instructional methods and implementation of teaching session:
  • Learning setting and session length.
  • Considerations of the client cultural needs
  • Optimal time for education related to the postpartum client
  1. References of sources are to be included at the end of the teaching plan in APA format.


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