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Describe the following for each major macronutrient category (protein, carbohydrates, fats): role in energy production role in performance recommended types (for the generally healthy public) types that are not recommended foods that you would recommend within the macronutrient category and why How does knowledge of macronutrients help you in your future training endeavors?

John McPhee’s Experienced meeting Frederick Chambers Brown and Bill Wasovwich

Imagine that you are writing a play about John McPhee’s Experienced meeting Frederick Chambers Brown and Bill Wasovwich. Write 3-4 pages dialogue (conversation) between three men. Give Background details as necessary in the form of narration. if you need ideas about how to this, look up a play on the internet and see how it …

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In two to three paragraphs (double-spaced, no spaces between, indented), reflect on your five strengths (including your initial reactions to these strengths and what you discovered about yourself in the process). Pick one of your strengths and in one paragraph, relate it to one of the nine public safety organizational competencies: Adaptability, Risk management ,Problem …

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