Geography and the geology of the Galapagos Islands

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Mitosis and Meiosis hands-on simulation – please watch it and Comment Read and comment Protect the Oceans with Dr. Sylvia Earle – a dedicated marine biologist tect_our_oceans Carefully explain the terms genotype and phenotype with good examples (not from … Continued

Leadership and Relationships

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Week 4 Directions Review the following link of Unit 3 2.Review the following link- Collaboration for Community Development Some of the most significant social and economic changes have been made through collaboration between individuals and organizations. Most community change … Continued

The theory of endosymbiosis

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Terms like “eukaryotic cell” and “prokaryotic cell” are important in biology. Among other differences, eukaryotic cells have organelles while prokaryotic cells don’t, but several important organelles found within eukaryotic cells actually resemble prokaryotic cells. Also read: ET polyurethane-degrading microbe (ETPUM) In … Continued

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