Tabloid Pseudoscience

Tabloid Pseudoscience

CHARLESTON, S.C. – A new photo

proves what experts have suspected for

years: space aliens are taking water samples

from Earth to check the pollution levels of

our seas and rivers.

And experts say if those levels are too high,

the Ets will destroy our planet f

‘We’re poisoning the environment of the

Universe with our reckless waste, and the

inhabitants of other planets are fed up with

it,” says respected physicist and noted UFO

researcher Dr. Phyllis Glast.

“Since the late 1960’s alien spacecraft

hovering over our waterways and sampling

our water. And some people who have been

abducted by aliens have been told by the

creatures that our air and water are being

n off South Carolina co

“It came out of nowhere,” says Miss

Domica who was sailing with fiiends in

the Atlantic Ocean, just 20 miles off

Folly Beach near Charleston.

“One second I was shooting pictures of

that calm serene water. The next second

this giant saucer-shaped object came

zooming out of the sky, moving faster

than I’ve ever seen anything move.

“It hovered there a moment, less. than 100

yards away fiom us.

“Suddenly the sea got very turbulent’and

a huge waterspout shot up and into a hole

in the center of it.

“It rocked our boat and I had to hold on

to the mast to snap the picture. I’m not

sure how long the waterspout lasted but

monitored. when it was over, the thing sped away

and the surface was calm again.” Aliens will punish

“But there’s been no -concrete visual

evidence until now.” M&S Domica said she called authorities US for polluting the

and some men who identified themselves

The final prmf came just three days ago as government agents came to her home Earth, warns

when . photographer and boating enthusiast to speak with her.

Gloria Domica snapped the pictwe, shown expert!

here, of a UFO sucking water up into its


1.Do the articlesshare a common tone (calm, detached, emotional, illogical)?

2. What kinds of words are used to describe eventsin these stories? Are they objective?

Subjective? Emotionally-charged?Give specific examplesfrom the stories.

3. Whattype(s) of evidence is offered in support ofthe claimsmade in the stories?

Doesthis evidence seemreasonable?

4.Do the eyewitnesses cited in these stories have any traitsin common?


5.Do the experts cited in these stories have any traitsin common?

6. Are there any recurrentthemesin the articles? Explain.

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