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System Engineering: Earned Value

You bid the program with a budget of $24 million (BAC = $24 million) with a $2 million management reserve to be completed in 12 months. Although we know the expenditures will not be linear, let’s assume a straight-line relationship between time and budget for this exercise. At month 5 we find we should be at $10 million (BCWS) (straight-line plan of $2 million spent each month * 5 months), we have completed enough work to justify an expenditure of $8 million (BCWP) and our actual costs accrued to date are $6 million. (ACWP) 1-Outline what you believe the status of the project is and interpret what the projections mean to you. Using only this cost data, how can you project time to complete?

2-Outline what you believe the action plan should be to bring Project ASU in on-schedule, on-budget and meet the customer requirements.

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