Synnyvale Senior Center

A. Agency description: The mission of the agency, populations served, the particular services unit and the opportunities available to work with individuals, families, groups and communities of diverse ethnicities.

Sunnyvale senior center isplace where provides various activities, such as table games, dacing, recreational activities for seniors who are 60 years old and above to come and socialize with one another. Seniors who come to the Sunnyvale Senior Center will be able to obtain more knowdlege regarding different health educations, such as lecture on demetia and healthy eating. Older adults will be able to obtain resources from attending resource fair provided from this agency.

healthy social and recreational programs.

The Sunnyvale senior center offers various activities, like dance, table game, computer lab, counseling room, care management room. The mission of the Sunnyvale Senior Center is to provide educational, healthful, social and recreational programs to seniors who are 60 years old and abov

A senior club is usually a social organization that caters to seniors. Take for instance The Red Hat Society for Senior women. They do things together, go on trips, go out to lunch , have meetings , pay dues and have a great old time.
A seniors club can be any people that like too do a certain thing, say men that like to play cards , or poker, Maybe you like to dance, because they have a common like they can form a club , If it is a seniors group that probably would be the criteria too join.

B. What skills, knowledge, and/or competencies do you bring to your placement?
Respect the elder
C. What areas do you want to develop during your internship?
Learn various interventions helping older adults who are struggling looking for a house to live

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