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Business concept: Currently, there are many franchises that sell fast food which in most cases is not healthy owing to the quality and type of food used. However, the fast food store in this case aims at ensuring that people are able to access quick and most importantly healthy food at an affordable price.

This is because a majority of people hardly have time to prepare healthy food due to inflexible work schedules.In addition to this, students find it difficult to prepare themselves a healthy meal due to lack of time or interest (DiPietro, Roseman & Ashley, 2006). As such, this business is able to focus majorly on the youth and those who are working, ensuring they are able to attend to their interests but at the same time remain healthy.

Essentially, the fact that the food will be quick to prepare makes it easy for the working class and students to access it (DiPietro, Roseman & Ashley, 2006). This is because they will not have to wait for long hours for their meal to be prepared, which would translate to them missing out on work time.

Secondly, the fact that the food is healthy ensures that they get all the nutrients they require to carry out their daily activities without depriving the body any nutrients. As such, this would translate to healthy individuals who are energetic making it ideal for this target group.

our product line presentation to senior management will take place via video conferencing. You will need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation and an accompanying script in Word for the meeting.

Launching your Product

Your PowerPoint presentation and accompanying script will include the following:

  • Company Competition—Develop a SWOT analysis to graphically depict your company’s current competition. Explain the SWOT in words.
  • Segmentation—Consider who is interested in your product. Identify the type of customer groups interested in the product and why.
  • Targeting Customers—Based on the product offering and customer segments, describe what customers segments you will serve and why.
  • Product Positioning—Determine your positioning strategy for the product. What image do you want to project to your customers and prospects? How will you appeal to your selected customer segments?
    • Use the 4Ps of marketing to help with this. For example, will we differentiate the price based on quality and value? Where will we distribute the product? For example, is your product distinctive, unique, or the best quality for the price? Write your positioning statement for the product.
  • Customer Lifetime Value—How will you build customer lifetime value for the company based on your product marketing strategies?


Please submit your assignment.

Two files will need to be uploaded.

  1. SCRIPT: A Word document using the attached template (MKT501 SLP2 Script). The Body of the Word Script must be at least 1000 words. Be sure to cite and reference your resources in the Word Script.
  2. POWERPOINT Presentation of at least 15 slides in length


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