SWOT Analysis for Alghanim Industries

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Strengths include internal factors that contribute to a company’s success, and one of these factors is the company’s culture. The company has been fostering a collaborative and open culture (Alghanim Industries, n.d). People share ideas, and the winning idea is implemented. This is visible in the company’s open-office setting that drives vibrant solidarity where employees can exchange info. Another internal factor contributing to the company’s success is the innovation factor that illustrates the variety of products that the company majors in. The company operates in distinct industries, including food and beverage, insurance, and engineering.


Alghanim Industries has limited penetration into developing markets which is considered a weakness. This company operates globally but still has not reached some markets to make most of its sales. Also, Alghanim Industries company uses the brick-and-mortar type of business to sell most of its products and services. Furthermore, this is a type of business where consumers engage with sellers face-to-face. This is a weakness because the company can upgrade and use e-commerce to get its products online.


The technological factor is an opportunity for Alghanim Industries. There are many technological advances that this company should employ to manufacture and make the best products in Kuwait and worldwide. In this case, improved technology acts as an opportunity here because it is available and will yield fruitful results. Following the location of Alghanim, the demographic factor is an opportunity. The location of Alghanim at the crossroads of east and west allows it to expand its competitive strategies. This also allows it to merge and partner with other businesses since it doesn’t major in one industry but a variety of them. For instance, Alghanim Industries can join Wendy’s Company in the restaurant industry (Mazen, n.d).


One major threat hindering Alghanim industries from becoming successful is the competition factor. Given that this company operates globally, it has rivals such as Al Dali International in Kuwait, China, and Gulf engineering. Since Alghanim industries majors in different industries, it has brought up more competitors from such sectors. Competition has made it hard for the company to expand and open its business in other countries. Another threat includes political factors such as government regulations that affect the efficiency of Alghanim Industries. Some countries have set up stringent rules that hinder this company from operating overseas.

Best practices used by similar companies

Al Dali International is an engineering company operating internationally and is located in Kuwait. This company employs technology advancements that have made it successfully more than Alghanim, especially in the engineering realm. Through advanced technologies, Al Dali International can develop the best materials to construct facilities and infrastructures. Another practice that positively affects Al Dali International’s and Gulf engineering’s performances is the focus on emerging markets. There a need for organizations to be ready to invest in any emerging market, including selling products and services in such markets.


Alghanim Industries should employ and implement advanced technologies in designing its locomotive and engineering services and products just like Al Dali International does. Advanced technologies include the use of social media to promote its brand and selling its services online. Many markets are emerging, and Alghanim should take this opportunity and sell its products in developing areas like Al Dali International. The company can expand and sell its products in other parts of the world.

Efficiencies and inefficiencies based on the Alghanim SWOT analysis

The cultural factor illustrates how operation efficiencies in Alghanim Industries are achieved. The culture of this company is guided by teamwork and collaboration, which make it effective and innovative. Similar to culture is the innovation factor that contributes to the company’s effectiveness. The company is open to a wide allay of opportunities following the types of products it sells. Inefficiencies are describable using the company’s threats, such as political factors. This is where regulations from different countries are too strict, and inflexibility is a concern for Alghanim. Competition, in this case, increases employee morale, and the company becomes more effective in its work, trying to beat its rivals.


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