Sustainable finance

Aims of project


This assignment provides an opportunity to get some hands-on experience exploring sustainable finance, on balancing of shareholders and stakeholders value of companies.  In fulfillment of the sixth course learning objective “Explore the role of financial management in promoting sustainable business practices and development (Overall grade)”.  The main objective of this assignment is to equip students with the necessary theoretical and practical tools used in business and financial sustainable analysis and integrated reporting.


Q1: Tasks

  • The assignment should include an abstract, introduction; conceptual building of sustainable financial management and sustainable financial growth, results and discussions sections, the project should also include conclusion section.


  • Examining the existing various corporate sustainable reporting disclosure and how they contributes to shared value creation and firms value.


  • Improving financial decision making by linking sustainability issues to financial decisions and key value drivers, such as capital budgeting, the cost of capital, profitability, working capital management and investment returns.


  • How to evaluate corporate sustainability risks and opportunities from a financial perspective, and understand how to manage/mitigate risks.


  • Understanding the interactions between sustainability practices and sustainable financial growth


  • Analyzing different financial systems such as western financing model and Islamic financing in the area sustainability.


  • Analyzing and prediction of corporate bankruptcy and sustainable growth.



Important Notes



  • Marking the assignment will be based on the ‘‘Critical Thinking and Written Communication Rubrics’’.
  • Write and analyses the topics using diversified sources of information (, books, journal articles, SSRN, Google Scholar, finance magazines, the web, etc.) and provide the full citation. ( do not copy and paste and use your own writing)
  • Make sure the assignment is fully referenced.  Indicate source of information clearly and concisely.
  • The assignment has to be original work.
  • The assignment should be typed in Times New Roman, size 12, double-spaced, between 12 to20 pages in written material.




  • For a guide on how to properly Reference sources of information, please see the handouts of the OAI about APA referencing.  You may also visit the following site: 
  • A Report without referencing and full citations or with high similarities will be considered, by the rules of the university, as plagiarism and will be reported to the OAI.
Ethical Issues Rubric
Course Code
Student Name
Student ID
Elements%ageExemplary (3 pts)Acceptable (2 pts)Unacceptable (1 pt)Points
Recognition of the Sustainability Issue50%Student identifies the ethical issue correctly, and provides a complete discussion of the arguments to support the findingStudent identifies the ethical issue correctly. However, the student does not provide sufficient arguments to support the findingStudent does not clearly identify the ethical issue related to the assignment or identifies the ethical issue incorrectly
Analysis of the Sustainability dimentions of the Issue25%Student clearly discusses & analyzes the ethical issue. Student includes all of the supporting facts/arguments in the analysisStudent clearly discusses & analyzes the ethical issue. However, some of the supporting facts/arguments are not included in the analysisStudent does not clearly discuss or analyze the ethical issue. Little or no understanding of fact versus opinion distinction
Incorporating Sustainability in the decision making or solution25%Student indicates how to apply ethical principles in arriving at a solution to the business dilemma. It also provides a complete discussion of the relationship between the principles and the solutionStudent does indicate how to apply ethical principles in arriving at a solution to the business dilemma. However, the discussion in the assignment does not completely relate the ethical principles to the solutionStudent does not clearly indicate how to apply ethical principles in arriving at a solution to the business dilemma. No apparent understanding how ethical principles might be given a foundation

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