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1) Describe the support and resistance for the war. Who supported the war and why did they support it? Who opposed the war and why did they oppose it?

2) How did the government’s stated goals of WWII and the post war era differ from its actual actions? How did the US support newly independent nations? Did the US send aid? Other resources to help rebuild? Or to contribute to efforts to democratize? Why or why not?

3) How did the US view the unification efforts of Vietnam? Were they in favor of seeing Vietnam become united? Why? At what point might the US have offered its support for unification?

4) Explain the US goals behind the decision to drop the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. How could the US have avoided dropping the bombs? What were the consequences for the Japanese people? What were the global consequences of the decision to drop the bombs?

5) Connecting patriotism and prejudice are common during wars. How were communities of color treated during WWII? How did they resist? How did the government respond? Compare this to today.

6) What were the political, social, and economic legacies of WWII?

7) Explore the similarities and differences of Hitler’s Nazi agenda and US actions during WWII. Include similarities and differences in the US as well as the US agenda in the rest of the world.

8) US labor was essential to the war effort. What were the goals of the labor movement? What was the response of employers? How did the labor movement respond?

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9) What were the goals of the anti communism movement in the US? What were the government fears? How were these fears manipulated to control resistance to the government? Were these fears rational? Who benefited from anti communist hysteria?

10) Who benefited from WWII? Who was hurt? Consider both US and international interests.

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