Strategic business plan report

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Section 1: Goals (15 points)

Setting and achieving goals is the hallmark of successful companies and is a critical element of any strategic plan. Identify your three to five goals you identified as a company, along with the objectives you set to achieve these goals.

Goal #1 (efficiency goal): Decrease material and labor costs.

Objective #1: Increase automation rate for our targeted sectors by round 4.

Objective #2: Decrease material costs in the low end sector and take the money saved to put it towards high end and make the products closer to the sweet spot.

Goal #2 (problem-solving goal): Increase customer awareness and satisfaction.

Objective #1: Specialize marketing strategy in order to gain a higher customer awareness( which is 100%), which will ultimately lead to higher profitability.

Objective #2: Maintain customer satisfaction for our traditional and low-end markets to continue profitability and a high market share.

Goal #3 (profitability goal): Create new opportunity for revenue.

Objective #1: Launch new product by 3rd round, attracting the high-end market. (for the high end segment we launched the new product “Ahmed” to gain larger market shares

Objective #2: Expand factories to increase production capacity.

Goal #4 (other goal): Dominate high end market ( in 2020 we were planing to dominate the high end segment)

Objective #1: Maintain a high market share with our two high-end products.

Objective #2: Strategically price our products so one is less expensive than the other.

Section 2: Industry Analysis (5 points)

Include industry and consumer trends in a section about the marketplace (in your case the sensor industry). Demographic studies and professional industry statistics should be included in this section (taken from the Capstone Courier). Identify new opportunities for growth.

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please see the attachment for section 2 and please rearrange the graph with differ


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