Strategic Analysis on Estia Health Aged Care

You will conduct a strategic analysis, and write a report on a real-life business.

Please note that this report will focus on business-level strategy.

You are required to conduct strategic analyses for *Estia Health Aged Care*, an Australia’s publicly listed company ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.), for this assignment, *focusing on its residential aged care business only*. You are advised to conduct research such as Internet searching for industry and media reports, and browsing the website and annual reports of Estia ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) and other relevant organisations.

In this report, you are required to perform the following tasks:

-Undertake an industry (competitive) analysis using Porter’s 5-forces model. You are required to pay attention to the *purpose* of this analysis, the *inter-connectedness* of different aspects of the competitive forces, the *links* between the competitive forces and macro-environment, and their *overall impact* on the industry and the organization selected in terms of *main driving forces* in the competitive environment. Draw your conclusions based on your five-force analyses.
-Identify those resources and competences of the organization that are likely to provide sustainable competitive advantage (Sustainable competitive advantages are company assets, attributes, or abilities that are difficult to duplicate or exceed; and provide a superior or favorable long term position over competitors). Justify why these resources and competences can be regarded as strategic capabilities using the four criteria (VRIO) covered in the textbook.
-References should be utilised within this Report to validate the information presented, and should be drawn from academic sources and organisational information such as the website and annual reports. The business press may be used to identify relevant issues.

Advisory notes for this assignment –

-You should conduct an extensive information search on the organisation.
-Company websites, annual reports, and media reports are important sources of such information, but their objectives, and thus credibility, should be carefully analysed and evaluated.
-You should use appropriate concepts and analytical tools in your report.

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