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Stock Investment Project

Stock Investment Project

You will be asked to invest in stocks and mutual funds and adjust your portfolio throughout the semester. You are required to submit a brief analysis at the end of the semester providing details about the stocks in your portfolio, your overall investment strategy, the performance of your stock portfolio, and how your stock portfolio was impacted by economic conditions. You will receive $100,000 virtual dollars to invest. You are expected to INVEST A TOTAL OF $50,000 OR MORE IN AT LEAST SIX DIFFERENT STOCKS and/or mutual funds MOST OF THE TIME. After setting up your portfolio, please make at least one trade per month during the semester. No day trading is permitted. (If you buy a stock today, you may not sell it until at least the next trading day.) Further details will be provided in class.

Due on or before December 11: (1) TRANSACTIONS page (2) Investment Summary (1.5 – 3 pages)

NOTE: If you do not begin investing during the first three weeks of the semester, you will not be eligible to receive full credit on this assignment. The longer you delay beginning this assignment (after the first three weeks), the lower the score you can expect to receive. If you do not invest in six stocks and spend $50,000 or more most of the time, you will lose points on this assignment.

If your instructor deems that you have exploited limitations of the stock exchange website to illegitimately earn stock returns, you will not be eligible for awarded bonus points. Actually this is a game of stock market. GIS,PKG,INTC,SOHU and YHOO were the stocks I invested in from the game.

Last Updated on February 11, 2019

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