Statistics Discussion Questions

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Respond to the following questions in a minimum of 175 words each:

1.Review the example provided for the panel data in Figure 10.5 and post your thoughts on the application of the dependent sample tests in your business context (example in attachment)

  1. Imagine that you have conducted a two-sample test and determined that the difference was not statistically significant. While one mean was 4.3 and the other was 3.9, the p level for the t test was p=.07. Your management team says, “Well, the difference may not be statistically significant, but the difference is there! Discuss how you would respond and how you would explain the purpose of the t test and significance in this case.

3.The ANOVA table contains the output of the ANOVA calculations. Review example given on pp 379 and Figure 11.6 in Chapter 11 illustrating the Excel ANOVA table. Post your questions, insights and takeaways on the use of the ANOVA table. (example is in second attachment)


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