Squatty Potty’s Market

What Does Facebook Targeting (Data In Spreadsheet) Reveal About Squatty Potty’s Market?

Are There Any Groups Either Not Targeted Or Underrepresented?

Final case notes and questions


Analyze data to understand it’s impact on marketing, outcomes, and the promotional process.
In addition, you will hopefully gain an understanding and awareness of creating actionable insights from marketing data and analysis.

Second, answer about the case:

1. Using the data in the spreadsheet, rate the overall efficacy of the campaign by any criteria you deem relevant. Where possible, apply specific numbers to the criteria.

2. Using the data in the spreadsheet, determine the best time to release the follow-up viral video (preferably early in the year), as well as if you think another video would be necessary. Do you think the video(s) will generate significant revenue/ market share?

3. Although Squatty Potty did a great job creating feedback mechanisms to tie sales to views of the video, how could they improve this effort? What data should the company attempt to capture through its next video promotion?

4. What does Facebook Targeting (data in spreadsheet) reveal about Squatty Potty’s market? Are there any groups either not targeted or underrepresented?

5. Given what you know from the case and the data, what ideas would you suggest for the company for future promotions (video or otherwise)?

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