Sports psychology

This month you are to write a 1200 word research paper on a sports psychologist of your choice. This paper is worth 15% of your grade. Please use the APA format and cite at least three (3) sources. Follow the directions below for a step-by-step process.

Assignment Requirements (Use as a checklist):

· You will select one well-known sports psychologist and discuss the following topics: (1) General introduction to sports psychology, (2) Early life and education of the psychologist you select, (3) His/her contributions to the field of sports psychology, (4) His/her applied theories and practices, (5) A conclusion that wraps everything up and looks to the future of sports psychology.

Below are a few recommended sports psychologists for this paper (you can pick someone outside of this list):

Coleman Griffith

John F Murray

Terry Orlick

Alan Goldberg

Timothy Gallwey

Michael Gervais

Caroline Silby

· Use a 10 or 12 pt Arial or Times New Roman Font

· Double-space paper

· Minimum of 1200 words. No more than 2,000 words

· Minimum of three (3) cited sources

· Use APA format and parenthetical citations right after cited material (See below)

· Make sure your name is on your paper

· Paper should contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion

There will be a 20 pt. penalty for writing less than 1200 words on this assignment.

APA Template- Please use this to help format your paper


Grading Grid

Item DescriptionPercentGrade
Correct use of APA style10%
Statement of main points and thesis in introduction5%
Properly indented paragraphs5%
Content in introduction5%
Content in body40%
Content in conclusion5%
Balance – paragraphs similar in length – about 150 words5%
Organization – followed format (intro, body, conclusion)5%
  • There will be a 10pt. penalty for each day the assignment is late. It is due Sunday, by midnight, of week 3.
  • There will be a 100 pt. penalty for plagiarizing. This means a 0. If in doubt, cite, cite, cite.


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