Speech Analysis Writing Assignment

Purpose of Assignment

This written assignment is an opportunity to reflect upon, and critique, an existing example of a public speech made by an orator/speaker in a public speaking environment. Speeches analyzed may either be contemporary or historical. Analyzed speeches must have been archived in a publicly available format (i.e., uploaded to YouTube or some other streaming platform) in order for you to select it. Please keep your reflection between 500-750 words (1.5-2 pages). All analyzed speeches must be properly cited in an attached bibliography.

Guidelines & Directions

Step 1: Select

Choose from any available archived speech on the Internet (I suggest you use YouTube or similar websites). Speeches must be roughly ten (10) minutes in length and appropriate for a classroom setting. Be sure to properly cite this speech in your paper’s attached bibliography.

Step 2: Review and Critique

What were/are two or three examples of areas you feel the presenter in your selected speech did well? When discussing these areas, be sure to reference course materials and how they can be applied to your selection (i.e., movement and gesture, vocal variety, eye contact, pacing, strong introductions/conclusions, transition statements, etc.). Conversely, what is an area you think your presenter could improve?

Step 3: Envision

After completing steps 1&2, envision how you will use this analysis to prepare for the upcoming speeches throughout the semester. How is your selection a good example of a great public speaker? What skills does your presenter have that you would like to emulate and use in your own speeches?

Paper Format

  • One-inch margins
  • Double-spacing
  • 12-point font in Times New Roman or similar font
  • Appropriate university level writing. Two (2) points of your reflection will pertain to writing quality: appropriate grammar, spelling, and format.
  • 500-750 words (1.5-2 pages)
  • Properly cited video file in attached bibliography

Last Updated on April 21, 2019