Sonnet Comparison

Over the last two weeks, you have examined a variety of sonnets and their rhyme, meter,
instances of figurative language, use of caesura, enjambment, etc. and how these
components work together to support the poet’s delivery of the theme.
Now, you are tasked with selecting two of the sonnets have you studied to analyze and
compare. Choose one topic.
 Wyatt’s translation of Petrarch’s Sonnet 140. How does
language affect the overall meaning?
 Shakespeare’s treatment of time in Sonnets 3 and 12
 Contrast Shakespeare’s 116 with Spenser’s 1 or 54 on the topic of love
Here are the MUSTS:
1. Your paper should be 900 words minimum, 1000 maximum.
2. Your paper must be in MLA format: You must double space your paper, 12-point
font, Times New Roman, one inch margins. Full heading in upper left corner of first
page, and last name with page number in header on top right. Please refer to the
MLA Style Guide at OWL (link in Content).
3. Your paper must be grammatically sound. Proofread!


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