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Software Engineering for Web Application

Assignment Title: Web Report on How Bootstrap Works.

Compile a 1000 word (maximum) report on bootstrap, outlining How it works and the various technologies and procedures involved in using bootstrap in the delivery of web-based content.

Potential Topics to Cover:

Why Bootstrap?


Getting Started

The Grid System


Customize Bootstrap

Working With frameworks

Bootstrap Themes, Templates and

UI Kits

Extending Using Plugins

(You can break it down into further sections 5, for instance)


This report will be delivered as a web site. The site should have the following pages:


The main “home” page which contains the report. The report should have a table of contents linking to each section, all presented in one page.


A page about yourself, including name, picture and a paragraph about yourself.


A page listing the sources you used to compile the report.

  • The site should be suitably marked up with headings, subheadings, and internal (anchor) links to relevant sections. Images should be embedded throughout (for diagrams etc.).
  • Use structural elements (<header>, <section>,<footer>). DO NOT over use divs.
  • Have a consistent navigation across all pages. • Include your name and student number both as the <title> and in the


  • Apply CSS styling to make it more readable (typography, column width).

In the footer, repeat your name, student number and a link to your email address.

  • Please reference material using the Harvard referencing system

• Your report must cite at least 5 relevant references to texts or journal/web articles to support

the discussion. They must be hyperlinked in text. (For references to books link to the Google Books page for the book). If there is no online reference use a footnote to reference the source.

  • The purpose of this report is to summarise what you have learned from your research on the topic.
  • Note: Plagiarism will be taken seriously and sanctions will be applied where students copy material from each other or from other sources. If you are quoting someone else’s words, you must use a <blockquote> element to indicate this.
  • If you use images, use a caption to supply copyright/citation information (including a hyperlink to its source)

Assessment Criteria:

  • Describe and explain Bootstrap • Understanding of underlying issues • Structure of report • Use of examples (with proper citation/links)

Design / Concept:

You have employed design principles to make your site usable and aesthetically pleasing, and this design is suitable to your subject matter.

The design of your site must be consistent with the content. Layout

The pages are consistent and usable, with clearly defined areas of content laid out using HTML/CSS

Coding practice

Your mark-up is working, valid, well-organized, commented and clear.

Your images are optimized for the web.

Proper separation of content and presentation.

Modern web design practices .

Site Structure

The structure and names of your files/folders should be clear and meaningful.


You have followed all presentation (file names / file types etc.) guidelines as stated in this brief and in class.

Submission Instructions:

The main page must be titled index.html. It (and any other pages and images, and the stylesheet) must be placed in a folder, titled with HDC_Studentid_ass_repeat, and compressed using the ZIP format. This should then be uploaded to Moodle. Take care to make sure images are not too large.

Learning Outcomes being assessed:

1. Explain in detail how the web works showing an advanced understanding of the topic

  1. Apply client-side web standards technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to an advanced level
  1. Explain the importance of research and pre-planning in designing and building web applications

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